Our pricing is simple: You pay one low management fee once per quarter


What you get

Our management fee includes:


  • A personalized portfolio recommendation to ensure your investments suit your goals and circumstances
  • Automatic rebalancing to keep your investments aligned with your goals
  • A well-diversified, professionally managed portfolio designed to grow when markets rise, and protect your money when they dip
  • Regular reporting so you can track your progress
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring
  • Support from our knowledgeable representatives


Please note that if you use Qtrade Guided Portfolios as part of a package of services through an investment advisor or representative at your financial institution, you may pay an additional service fee. 

How much you will pay

Your management fee depends on how much you invest, based on this table: 

Table shows how management fees are calculated.
Portfolio value Annual rate
First $2,000 to $100,000 0.60%
Next $400,000 0.50%
Next $500,000 0.40%
Above $1 million 0.35%

Note: The fee is charged once per quarter, based on the daily average value of your portfolio during the quarter.


If Sophie invests $10,000, her total annual management fee would be $60.00 or about $5.00 per month.

If she invests $250,000, her total yearly management fee would be $1350.00, or about $112.50 per month.

To help minimize your fees, if you have more than one Qtrade Guided Portfolios account in your name, or if other people in your household have Qtrade Guided Portfolios accounts, the management fee for each account will be calculated based on the aggregated value of all the accounts.

In general:

  • Fees are charged per account
  • Fees are subject to change with at least 60 days’ notice of any new or amended fees
  • No commissions are charged on trades made on your behalf
  • All fees are expressed in Canadian currency and are subject to applicable taxes, including GST and HST
  • If you close your account, you will be required to pay accrued unpaid management fees up to the date of closing

Understanding MER fees

Qtrade Guided Portfolios are made up of low-cost exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. All ETFs and mutual funds have embedded management fees and expenses (known as the MER, which stands for management expense ratio). The MERs are charged by the underlying investment companies. These fees are not collected by Qtrade Guided Portfolios, but do represent an additional cost to investors. The MERs are relatively low, and are the same that would apply if you purchased the funds on your own. The MERs are not charged directly to you and will not appear as an expense on your account statement.

The average blended MERs for a portfolio will depend on your asset mix. Typically, for ETF portfolios they are less than 0.15% and for responsible investing portfolios they are in the range of 0.72%-0.96%.

Responsible investing portfolios have additional layers of scrutiny and require higher levels of active account management, as such they tend to have higher MER fees than traditional portfolios.

Transaction fees

Here are the fees that apply to administration requests.

Table shows the transaction fees for each type of administration request.
Request Fee
Partial deregistration of a registered account (excludes TFSA and RESP) $50
Full deregistration of a registered account $125
Transfer-out of an account - full and partial $150
Account closure within 1 year $100
Cheque requests (per request) (no charge for electronic fund transfers to your bank account) $10
Paper statement requests (per quarter) $6
Paper trade confirmation requests (per trade) $2.50
Estate settlement of an account (minimum) $250

Note: Also see the Qtrade Guided Portfolios Customer Agreements & Disclosure Documents booklet for a description of interest charges and foreign currency conversion that may be applicable to your account.


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