Steps taken to protect your confidential information

To protect your information and assets, Qtrade Guided Portfolios® employs extensive physical, electronic and procedural security controls, regularly adapting them as technology and threats evolve. Although we cannot fully disclose all of our controls, here are just a few of the security measures we take:

Customer username and password

When you sign up for your Qtrade Guided Portfolios® account, you create your own personal password to login (your "Login Password"). Together with your Customer username, your Login Password allows you encrypted, secure access to your Qtrade Guided Portfolios® accounts. Never give your Customer Username or Login Password to anyone under any circumstances.

Customer access to account information

No matter how you contact Qtrade Guided Portfolios® — online or by phone — we verify your identity before granting you access to your Qtrade Guided Portfolios® accounts.

Timed log-off

Qtrade Guided Portfolios® automatically logs you off after an extended period of inactivity. This reduces the risk that others could access your information from your unattended computer.


To block unauthorized access, all of our computer systems are protected by firewalls, which are electronic barriers that prevent unauthorized access to the Qtrade Guided Portfolios® networks.


Qtrade Guided Portfolios® employs some of the strongest methods of encryption commercially available today. All online activity with Qtrade Guided Portfolios® involving personal or sensitive information is encrypted with 256-bit or greater encryption from the point it leaves your computer until it enters our systems. For your general online security, be sure you see the letter "s" at the end of "https" at the beginning of the URL address before entering any sensitive information — this indicates the site is secure (e.g., ""). Similarly, another indication that a website is secure is a padlock beside the URL address.

Constant surveillance

Qtrade Guided Portfolios® security teams monitor our systems around-the-clock, ensuring you have timely and secure access to your accounts.

Employee access to customer information

We restrict access to systems containing customer data and monitor system access continuously.

Employee education

Qtrade Guided Portfolios® employees receive thorough training on our security policy and are held accountable for adhering to the policy.